Waldo AI currently offers sandbox access to support the API integration. Read the notes below to know what to expect.

How to use the Waldo sandbox

The sandbox is currently available only for API requests. Meaning that any activity in the sandbox mode is not visible on Waldo dashboard (e.g. customers).

First, you should have an organization created on Waldo dashboard, and also must be authorized by Waldo staff.

Once you meet these requirements, you can create your organization's API keys on Waldo dashboard.

The API keys section will be filled with two sets:

  • production mode API keys

  • sandbox mode API keys

The API keys have a bit of semantic strings:

  • sandbox. - these strings are particular to sandbox mode

  • wk. - stands for waldo key

  • ws. - stands for waldo secret

Note that the you have the option to change or activate/deactivate production mode API keys, but not the sandbox API keys.

Waldo API endpoint is the same for both production and sandbox:

Sandbox mode limitations

  • The API requests made in sandbox mode follow the logical process just like in the production mode, but the responses are generic and the actual evaluations will differ in production mode.

  • In addition to the API sandbox, you might want to test the webhooks during the development. Because we don't offer sandbox mode on the dashboard, we recommend you to validate your webhooks using the tool provided on the API Integration page from Waldo dashboard, as mentioned in this documentation, on the webhooks section.

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