On this page you can find the workflow of the Waldo AI customer onboarding and evaluations.

Waldo AI offers 3 methods of customer evaluation, each for different purposes.

In addition, Waldo's API offers methods to automate customer evaluation and synchronization with your system.

Types of customer evaluation


The onboarding is the most basic type of customer evaluation.

This consists of a KYC/AML evaluation and for every customer added, Waldo AI will return a status of either passed, rejected, or review.

Fraud Check

The fraud check is a risk assessment of a customer. This evaluation includes information to help you take the right decision to accept or reject a customer.

To automate the decision, the fraud evaluation returns a customer risk score. Your organization can set its own customer risk thresholds.

Deep Background Check

This will scan even more data sources across the entire web and generate a detailed report, using criminal records, work history, and AI facial recognition for this customer. A report will be emailed to you within one business day.

Synchronizing with your system

Waldo AI includes the webhooks as a way to update your system (server/application, etc.) directly from our dashboard.

Currently there are two specific cases when the webhooks are useful:


You can accept/reject a customer on Waldo AI dashboard and your system will automatically receive a notification with this decision.


Flagging a customer as fraud risk improves Waldo AI service for you and for other network members.

You can add or remove the fraud flag for a customer and your system will be notified right away.

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